Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Prettiest Silver Pendants To Pair With All Your Tops

We’re always looking for something different but pretty to wear with all different types of tops kurta, t-shirts, tanks. Like a statement jewelry which is also a perfect daily wear. The solution? Silver Pendants, of course! We’ve got a whole lot of fresh options for you to choose from to wear every day and sometimes on special occasions too! Vogue Crafts presents you the best designs, they are silver pendants manufacturers based in India. Let’s start the LOOK BOOK…

1. The One with Spirit Animal!
This jazzy spirit animal is perfect for the women who want to go an extra mile defining them without speaking about it. This owl print silver pendant represents the silent nocturnal women who are more than what catches the eye of the seer.

2. The Playful Letters!
Old trend is gold and silver is the fashion rage. Mix them both like a sexy tequila cocktail and you have a silver designer letter pendant. Perfect for the everyday wear for the women who like to keep it cool.

3. The Happy Sunshine!
Yes we accept it with open arms the fetish and beliefs of zodiac signs. So why not put some fashion in your beliefs. This Taurus sign silver pendant is out there for all those strong women who ready to take on the world like a charging bull.

4. The one with Classics!
This traditional cross signifying our unshakable belief in the almighty in these tough changing times can never go out of fashion. So we had to put this classic loving design over here. We love it!

5. The Intense mix of Gold and Silver One!
This gorgeous mix of gold and silver is so enticing because of all those subtle and elegant design, and we want to get our hands on them. Team this up with your wardrobe and anything you want to. Don’t forget your magnificent smile they’ll both look amazing!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


If you are the one to hit the online market on a very frequent basis, then you must have definitely seen imitation bangles in the accessories section of popular websites like Vogue Crafts. Yes, the trend that is so distinctive and forever young… The bangles are back and now are the absolute important accessory for all your Indian outfits specifically during the wedding season. Imitation bangles are gaining popularity by the second; we have seen it become everyone’s favorite as they are cheap pretty and one could have ample number of them without making a hole in the pockets.

These imitation bangles come in a variety of different styles. From metallic, fabric to American diamonds…there are so many to choose from and we are spoilt for choice! They’re classy, edgy and have a certain kind of an Indian ethnic-chick vibe to it. More importantly all the Bollywood divas are vouching for them in their upcoming movies. 

The best thing about the evergreen bangles is that they go with almost all your ethnic range in your closet and they have the power to completely transform your whole look from na├»ve to glamorous. You can wear them with Anarkalis or normal plain kurtis – it will give a Christmas shine to your look. We sure love this comeback trend – don’t you? 

Well here is another reason to love imitation bangles is that they are really cheap. So instead of panicking over every time you lose something expensive in the jam pack function you can simply go ahead and buy a new one. All the wives must take notice of this as their husbands are going to be really glad when you opt for this affordable style mantra. 

Since we are telling you everything you need to know about wedding accessory let us show you the simple way to shop for them too. Since wedding just doesn’t bring food and fun it also brings loads and loads of work. Shopping for accessories can be deducted out of it by just one simple means. Online shopping… no it is totally safe so you can stop rolling your eyes. Websites like Vogue Crafts which is India’s largest imitation bangles manufacturers have the most amazing designs for bangles and other accessories too if you are interested. So you simply have to go through their amazing website to get rid of your doubts.