Monday, April 10, 2017

Looking out for Dainty Designer pieces of jewelry?

Woman are always looking out for designer pieces of jewelry, they are always in a cryptic situation when it comes for them to shop for their jewelry or clothing. This has eventually led them in a cryptic situation and they always end up buying the same products often. But what if you find designer jewelries with high quality and affordable price? Well, this is something which will want you to shove off everything and run toward the shop or online site which offers such jewelry! Yes, there is a company which not only offers such jewelry but also gives you a privilege to pick women’s jewelry at affordable rates and high quality. As a woman, even I want to buy product over quality! So, we always look out for shops or online sites which can offer us both. Not all the shops or website portal can offer you such jewelry and guarantee that their designs are unique and distinct from others.

Here, this company named Vogue Crafts and Designs pvt ltd has established itself so well in these past twenty years that they have complete blend of knowledge over these years and have humongous designs of jewelry which is unsurpassed. Jewelries are something which is every woman’s favorite and they cannot resist themselves from buying the jewelry of their favorite design or color. If we talk about Vogue Crafts and Designs Pvt Ltd, they are used to the dynamic change of style and they aren’t conceited but are confident enough about their jewelry. The company deals in designer necklaces, pendants, bangles, rings and earrings. They are renowned designer jewelry manufacturers and deals in outstanding jewelry! Jewelry which they deal in is imitation, silver and fashion jewelry. They not only offer you alluring designs but also bring you an offer to get your own designs customized by them at affordable rates too. There beaded necklaces are jaw dropping and aww-inspiring. Their in-house team has managed to create such pieces; they have appointed skilled designers and employees who have immense knowledge about the jewelry industry. There mysteriously attractive earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings have attracted a large amount of clients towards them. Their main agenda is to concentrate on their clients demand and gratify them in every possible way! Their entire range of silver jewelry is made from 92.5 sterling silver jewelry and medium to high quality gemstones. They believe in maintaining long term relationship with their clients and strongly build client satisfaction, they are known for their timeless delivery, quality and designs. And apparently these are the things which each one of us look out for.

Once you check out their designs I am sure you will definitely end up buying them, well if not the whole lot but some of the jewelries and their designs will definitely attract you! They have further different categories under fashion, imitation and silver jewelry, the raw material used by them is first checked by the quality team appointed. From the day when jewelry is made till the result day, each and everything is inspected in detailed manner. There is a separate quality team which checks the quality parameters of the same, and also monitors each and everything strictly! The modern infrastructural facility also enables them to manufacture supreme quality assortment according to the existing demands of the competitive market. Moreover, they frequently upgrade their entire infrastructural facility in order to meet the ever growing trends of their valuable clients. In addition to this, they have employed highly experienced team of professionals, who have rich industry experience to manufacture their entire range of products!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Amazing ways to make a diamond look larger!

We all love expensive jewelries, and especially when it comes to diamond! We as a woman cannot resist our self from buying such jewelry. We all want to buy expensive clothes or jewelry and all other luxurious things for ourselves. Investing in a diamond could be a great idea though because I know you love those scintillating piece of gemstones, yes! But do you realize there are certain ways through which you can make your diamond look more beautiful and larger from its original size! Whenever you tend to buy diamond ring, you do keep only part of buying the diamond in your head which is the cost. People have a wrong myth in their mind which means that the diamond quality and appearance depends on the price of the gemstone, the appearance of the diamond not only depends on its amount but also depends on various other factors like, setting of the stone, a diamond’s cut and etc. There are certain ways of using these parts of a diamond ring which might help you in buying the right diamond for yourself! In case you want to buy a perfect diamond engagement ring, you can simply look out for things mentioned below and pick the diamond which looks larger in size like a pro! Check this out:

Pay attention to your diamonds clarity, the more you see your diamonds clarity the brighter and larger effect this would give to you as a ring. As they say the more it sparkles, the big it appears!

Look out for fancy diamond shapes; this also gives your diamond a unique and charming look! The different diamond cuts like square, rectangle, square, etc not also makes it look unique but also gives it a larger effect and wow! You end up buying diamond of as larger size!

You can also look out for Halo setting; this type of setting, the halo ring is a setting that encircles a center gemstone in a collection of round pave or micro-pave diamonds (or faceted color gemstones). These pave stones flash with light and focus attention back on the center stone to create interest and draw people’s gaze to your ring. This would make your gemstone look bigger!

Also opt for Platinum setting or white gold, because white gold or platinum will blend with and enhance a white diamond, making it appear larger. A yellow gold setting can throw a yellowish tint back onto the diamond.

Look for diamond enhancer; these are pieces of jewelry sold separately from your diamond ring or earrings. The earring enhancer is a thin halo setting the slides underneath your solitaire diamond earrings. Diamond enhancers for rings are essentially a cradle that you set your solitaire diamond ring into. It adds top and bottom interest to the solitaire, making the overall ring appear larger.

Choose a thin band for the ring, if you have a very small diamond ring; don't mix it with a very thick wedding band with larger scaled diamonds. Keep it thin and simple with small pave set diamonds.

One diamond on either side of a center diamond makes a beautiful engagement ring! Try it if you don’t trust me! If you want the main stone to appear larger in a three stone ring, have the accent stones be half the size of the main stone.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Alert! Do not do all these things to your jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most delicate and amusing piece of accessory and many of us despite knowing that we might lose the beautiful artistic piece does the same thing to the piece over and over again. These jewelries are usually so sentimental that we are tempted to wear it all the time, whether it is a necklace you received as a child or your engagement ring. Engagement rings are the most common offenders on this list and in this case it is because by default they are worn every day! Even though they are worn each day, it doesn't mean you have to wear them ALL the time. Yes. That does not mean one has to wear the diamonds each and every day, you can avoid wearing such precious stones for someday. You know how delicate and amusing these pieces are and I am sure you do not want to lose them at any cost because they themselves are quite expensive. So, in case you want to protect your jewelry and take no chance of losing it then you might have to take certain precautions.

Showering yourself wearing that jewelry can harm your jewelry and the shine and opulence quality of the jewelry. You should not wear your jewelry all the time, but also you should most definitely never wear your jewelry when swimming or showering. Water is a natural abrasive. Think of the rivers that over time have carved their way through canyons of stone. Overtime the same thing happens with your gold and other metals. Showering won't wear down your gold as quickly as chlorine or salt water, but it is best to use caution around any liquids.

Never wear your jewelry when you are cleaning your dishes or other antiques, this may leave a never recovering harm on your ring or jewelry. So, always keep in mind that you do not have to wear your jewelry while sleeping, washing dishes, painting, working with your hands, wearing latex gloves. Use your best judgment on this but if in doubt take your jewelry off. Just keep scrolling to learn about the importance of where you want to store and how you can protect your jewelry!

Never keep your fine jewelry open, if it is left open there are chances that you might misplace the jewelry. Your jewelry storage spot should be in an inconspicuous and safe location. Unfortunately if you get robbed by a very skilled individual, there is little you can do to protect your investment, so it is always important to have jewelry insurance to help protect you in the event of theft.

You can consider these suggestion if you do not want to ruin your jewelry or make it look old, grab the opportunity to keep certain things in mind like every morning before putting on your diamond or gold jewelry, you should check that all the stones are tight.  This can be done by using your fingernail or a small pin to try and move around the stone.  If any are loose, don't wear the piece and bring it to your jeweler for repair as soon as possible!

Monday, March 6, 2017

10 Type of “Blue” Gemstones, I doubt you knew existed!

Color is the king for any gemstone. If we talk about the color of gemstone, Blue is a rare and amazing color. Also give anyone a royal look instantly! There are always a variety of colors available for anyone in a gemstone. One may choose according to the color or prize of the gemstones. Blue is the color of wisdom and royalty, this color is rarely found in food also. It is mostly seen in the sky and ocean. The most well known gemstone of all is “Blue sapphire”, as we all know. But only knowing that this blue sapphire is the only one gemstone which has a blue color is completely wrong because there are a lot of other gemstones possessing the same color. We never think beyond diamond or blue sapphire! Do we? No, but there are other jewelries which are precious and quite expensive compared to diamond. People might find that diamond is quite cheap in front of them. So, if you are limiting your jewelry to just blue sapphire then let me tell you there is much more to explore in the same and this article might help you in researching about the “blue” gemstone in detail because there is a lot more which you have no idea about! Check this out:

Blue Fluorite

These Blue fluorites are not a common gemstone and they are completely spectacular. It also has a healing property and when it is used with the Third Eye Chakra, Blue Fluorite enhances spiritual awaking and clear communication between the physical and spiritual planes.  Used with the Throat Chakra, Blue Fluorite aids in orderly communication of intuitive insights.  The calm, serene energy of Blue Fluorite brings inner peace.

Blue Iolite

Iolite helps in recovering balance, and is recommended for those suffering from disorientation, lack of motivation, chronic disorganization, and distraction. It strengthens the resolve to take on responsibility and carry through, and provides self-assurance and endurance in adverse situations. It is an excellent source of energy when used for the elimination of debt and the responsible management of money.

Blue Dumortierite Quartz

Dumortierite quartz colors can range from red-brown to violet-blue, and from dark to light blue. Dark blue is the most common color. Color is very often unevenly distributed, exhibiting areas of dark and light blue, similar to lapis lazuli and sodalite. Many stones may also exhibit whitish streaks or spots along with their blue color. Dumortierite mineral impurities within the quartz are responsible for the blue color.

Blue Kyanite

Although Kyanite comes in colors other than blue, the meaning of its name comes from the Greek word which means 'blue'. This is because when Kyanite was discovered the blue colored variety of the stone was the most common. It has been found in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Burma, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and the USA.

Blue Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone intensifies your feminine 'Goddess' energy! It is a stone that enhances your feelings and encourages fervent desires, eager expectation and heartfelt resolve! It holds within it the deep seated nature of feminine energy and this energy will help to balance the masculine-feminine vibrations within your body, and will nurture your spirit.

Blue Azurite

The blue azurite is exceptionally deep and clear, and for that reason the mineral has tended to be associated since antiquity with the deep blue color of low-humidity desert and winter skies.

Blue Spinel

This blue Spinel was one famous for being mistaken as blue sapphire or ruby. This was the most popular of all. This is in a great demand nowadays also; this natural blue spinal is not found in our common markets. It is rarely available and one of the precious stone.

Blue Diamond

 These beautiful diamonds are colored blue by trace amounts of boron that contaminate the crystalline lattice structure. Blue diamond’s belong to a subcategory of diamonds called fancy color diamonds, the generic name for diamonds that exhibit intense color. Blue diamond’s range in grade from Flawless to Included just as in the case of white diamonds.

Blue Indicolite Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline evokes the tranquility of deep blue water and gliding well beneath its surface. It is also known as Indicolite, a variation of the original Indigolite, and refers to its deep blue color. Rarer than other Tourmalines, it forms in shades of light to dark blue, some with a tint of turquoise. One of the rare rest and beautiful gemstone.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why is Indian imitation jewelry considered the best worldwide?

Imitation jewelry is the parts of Fashion jewelry only, it is just that this jewelry is more filled with sparkles and glitters and is a kind of replica of gold and diamond jewelry. This has gained popularity over real jewelry day by day; the main reason behind that elegant look is the affordable price. Imitation jewellery is made from precious metals and stone which are very much popular amongst the females. Today Imitation Jewelry has created itself as one of the most important jewelry in the fashion market. Basically imitation jewelry is jewelry for the people who cannot afford high priced jewelry or are looking for a classy and graceful jewelry at a reasonable price. The Designs and finish offered by this jewelry is same as provided by the real diamond or gold jewelry. The only difference is the quality and stones which are used in this jewelry.

India has established itself as one of the leading business in imitation jewelry, this jewelry which is largely made of brass, cast iron, nickel, plastic bead and stones. India has the largest hub for imitation and fashion jewelry. They have skilled workers who have immense knowledge about these jewelries. The availability of skilled artisans at low cost as also that of base metals, faux gems and stones has encouraged the sector’s growth in India. Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are some of the important states known for such products. India is now leading china when it comes to imitation jewelry business. The demand for imitation jewellery has surged by over 85 per cent in the last one year on account of the sharp rise in gold and silver prices; according to a study by industry body Assocham. The Indian imitation jewellery market, which is presently about Rs 8,000 crore in size, is expected to grow to Rs 15,000 owing to growing demand. According to data from the ministry of commerce, India imported imitation jewellery worth about Rs 130 crore in 2011-12. During the period April-September 2012, Rs 60 crore worth of finished imitation jewellery was imported from China. However, according to the Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers Association (IJMA), this figure underestimates the actual level of imports, which are believed to be 10 times higher. In view of the fierce competition from Chinese imports, IJMA has taken a few steps to safeguard its members. It has started branding India-made imitation jewellery in the last two years.

Indian imitation jewelry is now considered to be one of the best worldwide, people from different countries knows India as a jewelry hub now. Its imitation jewelry designs and quality is mind boggling. With time the country has earned its place amongst other competing countries and stated.  Many people also use high quality American Diamonds and Kundan stones to craft this Imitation Jewelry. And if in case you looking for the leading jewelry manufacturing hub, you may contact Vogue crafts and designs pvt ltd. they are a leading precious jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and high end fashion jewelry manufacturer and exporter in India. Also have their in-house designing team who craft everything with perfection. Every piece of jewelry at Vogue Crafts is unique, one of a kind and expression of true artistry. Being one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in India also exports worldwide; they manufacture the best of designs in Indian jewelry, fashion and imitation jewelry. They also have a wide collection of designer rings, necklaces, trendy pendants, earrings, anklets and bracelets. One can view the collection and get in touch at

Saturday, February 4, 2017

How to Choose your Bridal Jewelry According to your Skin Tone!

Wedding is approaching? And are you still confused about the color of the lehanga which one to buy or if that would suit my skin tone or not? Don’t be confused you can check which color would suit your skin tone the best. So, this time you can put your hand over any other color than red if that does not suit your skin tone. Weddings are all about colorful jewelry and cloths for women so grab this opportunity and suit the best for you. There is always something fresh and girly about a soft pink, something modern about gold, and earthy about orange that is just so hard to resist! So while you are on your bridal outfit hunt, here are those few things you can keep in mind according to your skin tone, and one does not have to worry about the skin tone which she has. God has made you beautiful and maybe you were supposed to look more beautiful with the skin color you have right now! Scroll down and check the skin tone you have and the matching colors to suit your skin!

Fair complexion:

For woman having a fair skin is nothing less than a blessing for them, it is a good thing if you have a fair complexion and now you can wear anything you like as in when it comes to choosing the color of your lehanga or the matching jewelry would be easy as all colors go well with your skin tone. Which colors to pick can be raspberry pink, bright blue, bright sorbet shades of pink, lime green etc. Also deep Jewel tones like Wine, Pomegranate, Emerald Green, Mid night Blue are lovely against fair skin tones.

Wheatish Complexion

Woman with this color skin tone are not less blessed. While most colors go well with the women having Wheatish complexion, I have some suggestions that best suit this skin tone. Just pick up any of those colors that will bring out the warmth in your complexion. Lots of Corals, Oranges, Saffron yellow, Red, Rust, Hot Pink, Peach and anything else that brightens up the face instantly. Neutral colors like beiges and gold wash you out, as will ash grey and the like and end up looking dull on camera so one can avoid those colors.

Dusky Complexion

If you have an olive skin tone, then you are one lucky girl because you can pull off any rich and dark color quite well. So, there is nothing to be sad about or nothing to make wishes about the color of your skin. The colors like Warm Pastels, Pale Gold, Burnt Oranges, Emerald green, Dusty pinks, Peach family are perfect for you. Wine, Neon colors, Tomato Reds, Copper and  Yellow Gold are something you can just avoid.

So, this just made quite easy for you to choose your color for the jewelry. As this is the most important day for you and honestly speaking you would look good in all the colors, it is just the way you carry out yourself. Stay in style!

Monday, January 30, 2017

What does your engagement ring signifies?

Engagement rings can also be known as wedding ring! Generally people call it “wedding ring”, it is a ring which is gifted by our beloved one and something which a woman cherishes all her life. It is a symbol of promise in a marriage. It is also a symbol of the commitment to join as one in a lifelong relationship as husband and wife. An engagement ring is not an absolute necessity in order to be married. However, in American culture engagement rings are common because it is a pledge of love and is a symbol that a woman is no longer available to be courted by other men. The act of wearing an engagement ring lets other men know that the woman’s and a man’s feelings are “engaged by somebody else.”

 The tradition of the engagement ring dates back many years. It was once believed that the fourth finger of the left hand contained the vein of love and this vein is connected directly to the heart. This tradition has endured and that is why today engagement ring or wedding ring is placed on this particular finger. In this way then the wedded couple was believed to be “joined at the heart.”

We see engagement rings most popularly characterized by diamonds – WOW, the solitaire diamond! But interesting trends in wedding or engagement ring designs display an arrangement of other gemstones as well such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or even synthetic stones and diamond substitutes like cubic zirconia and moissanite which are equally good for the occasion while reducing the cost by a good deal. The bands are most commonly seen are in gold or platinum, but silver, stainless steel and titanium are also proving to be popular. They are also available from categories like Antique, Art Deco, Vintage and so on, based on eras. Most men today buy diamond rings for their beloved ones.

The tradition of diamond engagement rings began with the Italians. In Italy it was once believed that diamonds were derived from the “flames of love” and therefore clearly represented the bonds of everlasting love. Many people feel that the engagement and offering an engagement ring to a woman are extremely important. In our society a woman wears the engagement ring on her left hand, on the second last finger.

This is the same finger that her ring will be placed on during the wedding ceremony. The engagement ring is given after a marriage proposal is accepted and it is representative of the agreement or pledge to marry in the future. In some countries the second last finger of the right hand is where the engagement ring is worn. There are promise rings also which are given before the engagement, as the name suggests, promising the marriage between the two in future. Some cultures feature the women wearing a ring called the wedding band not to be worn before the wedding day, along with the engagement and a wedding ring separately, making a trinity of rings.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Hair tricks every girl must know!

Girls love there long hair so much that there are no compromises when it comes to the conditioning and shampooing of your hair. And why not? There’s no denying the confidence boost you get when you have a good hair day. And though it’s nice to get the occasional blowout, it’s not necessary all the time. We often forget that our hair also needs nourishment and there is no denying that you have to take care of your hair the same way you take care of your skin! Our hair also needs a lot of things to maintain their shine and health. Though genes also play a part, ladies with great manes also know a thing or two about maintenance. Here are certain things you should always do to keep your locks shiny and lush.

People say woman with long hair are blessed but who knows that even they have to maintain their long shinny hair with certain tricks which she follows, let’s steal some tricks and apply on our hair to make them look amazing instantly! Keep rolling your finger to know more honey.

Start working on your second day hair; be aware that you do not have to shampoo each day to look beautiful sometimes you can go without shampooing. Some hair styles look amazing on the second or third hair day which might even not know about. Shampooing your hair each day might take away all the moisture and nutrition from your hair. So, avoid as much as you can.

Change your order of cleaning your hair! Get it conditioned first and then rinse it with shampoo. I know we always shampoo our hair first and then condition it but this time you need to change the order only. See the difference once you change your order of shampooing and conditioning.

Do not forget to get your hair trimmed every two to three months, ask your stylists to snip off a half inch or less because hair grows faster than this, you won’t lose much length. If you put off trims for too long, split ends will form, which means you’ll have to chop off more in the long run.

Between sweaty strands and our dry shampoo addiction, a bit of build up is inevitable which can clog hair follicles and hinder growth. Once a week, saturate a cotton ball with tea tree oil or toner and dab it onto your scalp to clear any debris. Shampoo and condition as usual.

If you are pressing your hair, make sure that if you clamp down too hard with the plates, your hair will be so straight that it sticks to your head. First of all I would suggest you not to straight your hair too often. Do it only when it is very urgently required. Because straightening your hair often damages your hair and even prevents hair fall.

These are just few tricks which every girl who loves her hair which is most of us, I guess there would be no lady on the planet who hates her hair and does not want them to stay long and healthy! So, these tricks are for all you girls out there. Keep in mind these tricks always and remember what all you need to do strictly and what you have to avoid for long and healthy hair.

Presented by Voguecrafts

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Different Types of Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry, as the name describes it is a kind of jewelry made with hands where no machinery is involved. Craftsmen simply make their precious piece of jewelry with hands. Also they put in a lot of efforts, love and care in the making that the result of the jewelry is mind boggling! Nowadays market for handmade jewelry has decreased due to a lot of reasons. Handmade jewelry requires a lot of effort in the making of the jewelry. There are still many people who love to wear these kinds of jewelries and flaunt their style!

There are different types of handmade jewelries; one can say the range is humongous! Just by adding a piece of stone or bead or crystal makes the piece more sparkling and alluring instantly. People still prefer these pieces as it is designed in such a way that it looks charming to the eyes of people watching it! One can find wide range of necklaces, bangles, bracelets, anklets and earrings. These jewelries are suitable for any attire and look elegant and give you that inner confidence. The specialty of this jewelry is that each piece of art is distinct from the other as they are specially designed by craftsmen with their hands and not by machines. Handmade jewelry is made using different kind of stones, beads, fabric, acrylic also such as wood, leather, bones and etc.

Also such jewelries can be carried in parties or family get together! Whether you are looking for a decent piece or a sparkling piece for the night these jewelries fit in for every purpose. Different types may confuse you as which one you want to choose but I am sure each one can look classy. Many people thought of buying it by visiting the market but you can always buy there jewelry online a well. The benefit is buying it online can help you choose the best design and choose from the humongous ranges of products, like a necklace with the matching bracelet or bangle or earrings and Yes! Your jewelry is done for your party or any other occasion and you do not have to worry because there are certain websites online which offer handmade jewelry with customization.

In case you want some customization to be done or want your own designed to be made, you can get it done from them and be the designer of your own jewelry and flaunt like a boss! One can also refer to, as these are one of the renowned jewelry designers, manufacturers, exporters and suppliers. Presently they are leading over any other organization. They also undertake the customization of the items and love to create the designs which you want them to. So, in case you have love for jewelry can always refer to such company and attain the benefits of the same!