Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why is Indian imitation jewelry considered the best worldwide?

Imitation jewelry is the parts of Fashion jewelry only, it is just that this jewelry is more filled with sparkles and glitters and is a kind of replica of gold and diamond jewelry. This has gained popularity over real jewelry day by day; the main reason behind that elegant look is the affordable price. Imitation jewellery is made from precious metals and stone which are very much popular amongst the females. Today Imitation Jewelry has created itself as one of the most important jewelry in the fashion market. Basically imitation jewelry is jewelry for the people who cannot afford high priced jewelry or are looking for a classy and graceful jewelry at a reasonable price. The Designs and finish offered by this jewelry is same as provided by the real diamond or gold jewelry. The only difference is the quality and stones which are used in this jewelry.

India has established itself as one of the leading business in imitation jewelry, this jewelry which is largely made of brass, cast iron, nickel, plastic bead and stones. India has the largest hub for imitation and fashion jewelry. They have skilled workers who have immense knowledge about these jewelries. The availability of skilled artisans at low cost as also that of base metals, faux gems and stones has encouraged the sector’s growth in India. Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are some of the important states known for such products. India is now leading china when it comes to imitation jewelry business. The demand for imitation jewellery has surged by over 85 per cent in the last one year on account of the sharp rise in gold and silver prices; according to a study by industry body Assocham. The Indian imitation jewellery market, which is presently about Rs 8,000 crore in size, is expected to grow to Rs 15,000 owing to growing demand. According to data from the ministry of commerce, India imported imitation jewellery worth about Rs 130 crore in 2011-12. During the period April-September 2012, Rs 60 crore worth of finished imitation jewellery was imported from China. However, according to the Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers Association (IJMA), this figure underestimates the actual level of imports, which are believed to be 10 times higher. In view of the fierce competition from Chinese imports, IJMA has taken a few steps to safeguard its members. It has started branding India-made imitation jewellery in the last two years.

Indian imitation jewelry is now considered to be one of the best worldwide, people from different countries knows India as a jewelry hub now. Its imitation jewelry designs and quality is mind boggling. With time the country has earned its place amongst other competing countries and stated.  Many people also use high quality American Diamonds and Kundan stones to craft this Imitation Jewelry. And if in case you looking for the leading jewelry manufacturing hub, you may contact Vogue crafts and designs pvt ltd. they are a leading precious jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and high end fashion jewelry manufacturer and exporter in India. Also have their in-house designing team who craft everything with perfection. Every piece of jewelry at Vogue Crafts is unique, one of a kind and expression of true artistry. Being one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in India also exports worldwide; they manufacture the best of designs in Indian jewelry, fashion and imitation jewelry. They also have a wide collection of designer rings, necklaces, trendy pendants, earrings, anklets and bracelets. One can view the collection and get in touch at

Saturday, February 4, 2017

How to Choose your Bridal Jewelry According to your Skin Tone!

Wedding is approaching? And are you still confused about the color of the lehanga which one to buy or if that would suit my skin tone or not? Don’t be confused you can check which color would suit your skin tone the best. So, this time you can put your hand over any other color than red if that does not suit your skin tone. Weddings are all about colorful jewelry and cloths for women so grab this opportunity and suit the best for you. There is always something fresh and girly about a soft pink, something modern about gold, and earthy about orange that is just so hard to resist! So while you are on your bridal outfit hunt, here are those few things you can keep in mind according to your skin tone, and one does not have to worry about the skin tone which she has. God has made you beautiful and maybe you were supposed to look more beautiful with the skin color you have right now! Scroll down and check the skin tone you have and the matching colors to suit your skin!

Fair complexion:

For woman having a fair skin is nothing less than a blessing for them, it is a good thing if you have a fair complexion and now you can wear anything you like as in when it comes to choosing the color of your lehanga or the matching jewelry would be easy as all colors go well with your skin tone. Which colors to pick can be raspberry pink, bright blue, bright sorbet shades of pink, lime green etc. Also deep Jewel tones like Wine, Pomegranate, Emerald Green, Mid night Blue are lovely against fair skin tones.

Wheatish Complexion

Woman with this color skin tone are not less blessed. While most colors go well with the women having Wheatish complexion, I have some suggestions that best suit this skin tone. Just pick up any of those colors that will bring out the warmth in your complexion. Lots of Corals, Oranges, Saffron yellow, Red, Rust, Hot Pink, Peach and anything else that brightens up the face instantly. Neutral colors like beiges and gold wash you out, as will ash grey and the like and end up looking dull on camera so one can avoid those colors.

Dusky Complexion

If you have an olive skin tone, then you are one lucky girl because you can pull off any rich and dark color quite well. So, there is nothing to be sad about or nothing to make wishes about the color of your skin. The colors like Warm Pastels, Pale Gold, Burnt Oranges, Emerald green, Dusty pinks, Peach family are perfect for you. Wine, Neon colors, Tomato Reds, Copper and  Yellow Gold are something you can just avoid.

So, this just made quite easy for you to choose your color for the jewelry. As this is the most important day for you and honestly speaking you would look good in all the colors, it is just the way you carry out yourself. Stay in style!